Was Vince Lombardi a loser…in life?

“If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?” -Vince Lombardi

It seems as if people are divided into 4 categories when it comes to playing:

1) MUST win (sometimes at all costs)
2) Enjoy winning, but enjoy playing more
3) Indifferent (most of the time they don’t like that there’s a winner; they just want to play and have fun)
4) Refuse to play

Where do you fall in the mix? I’m in the 2nd category, depending on what I’m doing. I often wonder why I’m not in the 1st category. I feel like if I’m going to play a game that involves a winner, why don’t I want to do everything I can to win? That’s how the first category thinks, and often times they’re very successful. Much of the reason comes down to me feeling that I don’t want to do anything negative to anybody else in order to win. Why do I think like that? Does every winner hurt someone else, or step over someone else in the process? Of course not.

The latter 3 categories seem to resent the first category in many ways, granted it’s because of the “win at any cost” type of attitude. Obviously it doesn’t work in the winner’s favor if they had to do things that hurt other people in the process. However, if they won without hurting anyone, and instead just trained their ass off in preparing for the game, it would seem as if they had the right approach. Don’t you think?

Lombardi might be on to something, and we might have the wrong perspective.

If you can take that resentment or negative feelings out of your mindset when thinking about the first category, what would your feelings be toward those people? What if you saw them working really hard day in and day out so that they can be the best? What if you realized that they just want to be the best they can be, and that it’s not that they have to be the best out of everyone else. There’s nothing wrong with people who push themselves to (and even past) their limits, is there?

Obviously we’re talking about more than just games here. This is a conversation about life, and which category you’re in when it comes to your life.

The Kaizen Challenge:

1) think about your relationships, your job, your hobbies and whatever you do in your spare time.

2) Have a heart-to-heart with yourself about which category you’re in with each of them.

3) Think about whether or not it’s the category you’re okay being in? If so, that’s great.

4) If not, now is your opportunity to up your game. Push harder, dig deeper, and do it for yourself. Do it when nobody is watching so that ego is taken out of the picture.

What are you going to do today? Tell me in the comments below.

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