Can You Trust Your Gut?

I have really been trying to go with what my gut tells me for the past eight years or so. I’m no master, and questions still arise, but I have a simple system that you can use if you’re having trouble figuring out how to do it.

1) Stop.

Stop everything that you’re doing when you are trying to listen to your gut (intuition).  Stop moving; stop reading your email; stop walking; stop and listen. Turn into an antenna that only receives signals and doesn’t put any out.

2)   Ask.

Ask your mind or body what it’s trying to tell you. Literally ask, either in your head or out loud. No, you’re not crazy for doing this. Ask, “I feel like you’re trying to tell me something…what is it?”

3)   Listen.

This is that antenna part from step one that I was talking about. Once you ask the question, it should be the last outward signal you should have. From that moment forward just listen for the answer. Listen with all of your senses. Do you feel a vibration, or something a little different, in some part of your body? Where is it? Do you hear something coming to your head? What is it saying? Often times it’s that voice in your head that tells you.

What voice you say? It’s that voice that has been reading along this whole time and just said, “What voice in my head? There’s no voice in my head. What’s he talking about?” Truly listen for any changes that occur in your body or in your mind. If you don’t hear/feel anything, then ask again. If you find that your mind keeps wandering off, focus on your breath. When you inhale think, “I’m breathing in” and when you exhale think, “I’m breathing out.” Have those be the only thoughts in your mind.

That’s it – those are all of the steps in the system. It’s really simple right? Well, unless you’ve practiced this for a long time, it may not be so simple to translate what you hear. It takes a while to become so in tune with your body that when your gut tells you something, you just automatically know what it’s trying to tell you. I still have to ask sometimes, and I’m not sure that’s ever going to change.

It’s very frustrating when you can’t hear what your body/mind is trying to tell you, and it’s frustrating when you finally can hear it, but don’t know how to translate it. But with practice, the day will come when you do. The best advice I can give you up to that point is to trust yourself. That doubt that enters the mind and says, “That can’t be it, that can’t be what I’m supposed to do” is what’s keeping you from being able to understand your intuition. Try it out, even if it seems crazy.

Caveat: If your gut is telling you to harm someone who is not harming you, or do something that is detrimental to yourself, then you’re not translating correctly. Our intuition would never tell us to do those things. That’s your ego, or the self-destructive part of your mind, trying to piggyback on your intuition and feed you false information. It’s unfortunate that those parts of us exist, but they do, and everyone has them. Some more than others, but everyone has to learn how to tame those thoughts.

The best way to do it is to allow the thoughts to enter your mind, then tell those thoughts, “I understand that you’re trying to protect me” (because in a sense they are) “but I’m trying to listen to my intuition right now.” This may seem odd to you, but it works. Those thoughts just go by the way side when you accept them. It’s only when you try to push them away that they’ll persistently come back stronger and stronger. Whatever you resist persists. That’s a great metaphor that I heard one time, and it really is true for this, and it’s also a great metaphor for everything in life.

What advice would you give to other people who are reading this? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Jaime Munoz

    I find myself sometimes not listening to my intuition or when I tune in, I may not follow what my gut is telling me. Sometimes I want to say or do something that I know is the rigth thing to do, but I hold back to move forward. But once I pass the doubt, awesome things happends and they are not as scary as I think they may be. Next time someone tells me to follow my intiution!! I will listen to my mind/body what is telling me!
    Thanks Jeff!

    • Jeff Friend

      That’s awesome Jaime!

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