4 Steps to Lucid Dreaming for Your Dream Life

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! For many adults, dreams are little more than vague memories that quickly fade after they awaken. Many believe they don’t even dream at all! The vivid dreams we enjoyed as children have all but disappeared, mostly due to stress, […]

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Change Is Constant

The 43 All-Time Best Quotes On Change

Change is all around us. Change is inside of us. Change is all there is. At a cellular level we are changing every single second. On a psychological level we are changing every single moment. Yet many of us fear change. Change makes us uneasy. It hassles us at every corner, poking at us, annoying […]

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3 Perspective Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Living In Reality (The Real One)

  Taking on a different perspective isn’t about trying to convince yourself to think differently. It’s not a forced way of thinking and seeing things. It’s also not an “ideal world” way of thinking. Taking on a different perspective is a very real practice, and a very effective one when you get the hang of […]

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S.T.O.P. – The Idea That Changed Millions Of Lives

STOP just hit the market! (unlimited supply – so you’d better act fast!) Are you the type who always has something to do? Bored or feeling unproductive when just sitting around or in front of the television? Anxious for no reason sometimes? Can’t seem to sit still and listen to the friend/family member/significant other without […]

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be your own guru

Why You Should Be Your Own Guru…And How To Do It

Why You Should Be Your Own Guru: When it comes down to it, nobody knows you better than you do. Even if you feel you don’t know yourself at all…you do. You just need to get back in touch with yourself is all. We seek advice, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It gives […]

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Cover Letters: 27 Tips and 50+ Samples To Help Build Your Rockstar Cover Letter

You might want to get a cover letter put together whether or not you’re actively searching for a job.’s tagline says it all: “Because every job is temporary”. You never know what might happen next, and it’s best to be prepared, rather than trying to scrape a halfway decent cover letter together last minute. […]

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One-Step Method to Revitalizing Your Relationship

Say what?!? Only one step?? Well, it’s easier said than done, but nonetheless very doable with the right intention behind it. Rather than wondering where things went wrong, who did and did not do what, why they’re being the way they’re being, etc., let’s just let all of that go for the moment. As difficult […]

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Choose Positive

3 Unconventional Ways to be Positive (or Negative) Today…You Choose

It’s not always easy being positive. Some days it’s just plain easier to be negative/cynical/bleh – in fact most days it is if you’re dealing with the stresses that many people are. It’s the unfortunate truth that it’s more difficult to be positive than it is to be negative. But then again, it’s more difficult […]

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Doin’ It Old School With A Pig: A Lesson On Finances From An 8 Year Old

  I was walking through a barrio here in Costa Rica the other day and came across this guy (above). Suddenly I had a flashback of when I was 8 years old and had a piggy bank that I was determined to fill. Recently my mom told me that when I was younger I never […]

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A Simple 4 Step Process To “Flip The Switch” When Having A Bad Day

  I’ve had a few bad days lately. They don’t happen very often. I guess I’m just in a “bad day funk” right now, so I thought I’d write about the system I’m using to get out of a bad day in case any of you are experiencing the same thing. Bad days always start […]

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