How To Learn Life’s Little Secrets Inside Every Moment

As I sit at Emilio’s Café in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, overlooking a seriously breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean I realize that this will be one of my last moments here, at least for a long time to come. After 3 years and 3 months, and one of the most amazing adventures of my life, I have to remind myself to take it all in.

As I take a deep breath, close my eyes and focus on my senses, through the construction being done I hear Spanish music playing softly throughout the café. I take another breath and hear the various conversations happening in Spanish, and I realize that my life will no longer be immersed in this beautiful language and culture surrounding it.

I take another breath and hear the deep call of a Howler monkey in the lush jungle in the hills below the café. I open my eyes and not three feet from me crawls an iguana, stopping to munch on the leaves of a plant. Above the iguana is a bright orange butterfly bouncing from flower to flower.

As I focus on my sense of smell I start to pick up floral scents that honestly smell like someone is wearing perfume, it’s that potent. I smell the cappuccino sitting in front of me. I take a sip and savor the rich robust coffee that Costa Rica is so well known for. Now I am picking up hints of the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

I look up past the horizon and see beautiful white puffy clouds floating among a baby blue sky. The clear shot of the sun enhances the deep blue shades in the water. There’s another howl from the monkeys in the jungle. The construction is extremely loud right now, but if I focus hard enough I can get back into the moment. I have never seen so many shades of green as I look into the diverse jungle vegetation below me.

The air is thick and humid, but not uncomfortable. The cool breeze balances out the heat perfectly. I take another sip of coffee and feel the ceramic handle. I feel the individual keys on the keyboard under my fingers as I type. I haven’t felt this connection to my inner self in months.

I look up and see people parasailing over the ocean. As I project myself into them I imagine their initial thrill, then their adjusting to the sensation of floating high above the vast ocean, and finally their ability to feel comfortable enough to fully enjoy that moment of the wind and the ocean air and being so high above the sea. I envision them taking it all in just as I am taking in my moment here.

I see them now making their descent and I visualize their initial terror of what waits below. “Yes it’s an ocean, so it most likely won’t hurt when I land, but what about sharks? Do these water have sharks?! Where is the boat going, aren’t they going to pick me up? They’re so far away, it will take them forever to get back here. Okay okay here we go, about to land, 50 feet…25 feet…nerves intensifying…it’s inevitable, there’s nothing I can do…10 feet…5 feet…tense the body…hold your breath!” Splash! “I’m under water, how far under? Swim fast, swim, swim! I’m above water, take a breath! I’m safe again…woooooohoooooo!!!! That was AMAZING!!!!”

As I come back into my moment I realize that I literally just envisioned my inevitable near future. I have been floating here in Costa Rica, accustomed to the tranquil life here, forgetting how much beauty this country has to offer. I will be returning to the U.S. soon. I am making my descent, seeing the inevitable reconnection with the reality of a new life in a new place that used to be my old place. I have changed so much. I’m scared.

The Howler monkeys are screeching so loudly as a group. I’ve never heard them so loud before.  A large hawk just flew past me not 20 feet away, gliding through the air effortlessly, beautifully, gracefully. For some reason it makes me feel like I’m going to be okay. Everything will be okay.

Have you ever been stopped in a moment like that, where you have an Aha! Moment and realize that life is teaching you a lesson? I’m convinced that if we pay attention, and try to be as aware as possible in our moments, life reveals its little secrets in a constant ever-flowing generous way. The challenge is learning how to be in the moment, but all it takes is practice.

If you are wondering if I’m just making up this story to teach a lesson, here’s proof of the moment I was having! Plus, if you’ve been an SSBC reader for a while, you know I wouldn’t do that. Although it’s impossible to experience my moment through my photo, I hope this image helps you visualize what it might have been like.

being in the moment


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