Happiness is all around you…where are you?

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” -Gandhi

Can you imagine a world where everyone thought, said and then did everything?

How about a world where you think, then say, then do what you thought and said?

Would your life be different?

Where do you think you would be today in comparison to where you actually are?

Nobody knows what happiness is except the person who states it for him/herself, but this is a great start on your path to happiness. There’s a reason Gandhi started with though – because that’s where our lives are created. That’s our genesis. When we say our thoughts, they gain substance and start to form their shape in this world. Then when you do what you thought and said, something incredible happens…the entire world conspires to help you.

Pay attention to your thoughts, what you say and what you do. Also pay attention to what other people say and do. Then recognize when you and the people and things around you are in tune with one another. You may have a question about something, and then hear a random conversation at the local Starbucks where someone actually says the answer to that exact question to their friend. There’s a reason you overheard that conversation. Don’t let things like this pushed aside into the land of “coincidence” because it’s not.

The Kaizen Challenge:

Don’t believe me? Try it for one week. Really pay attention to everything that is said and done around you. What problems are you trying to solve? What questions do you have? The answer is looking for you, and waiting for you to pay attention.

If this happens to you this week, I want you to leave it in the comments below. The more you practice this, the more it will happen.

  • Chris

    “Really pay attention to everything that is said and done around you. What problems are you trying to solve? What questions do you have?” -This is something that I have been doing for the past four, five, six years, at least. The problem is I have no confidence to address those issues which involve other people, instead taking the impetus to outwardly change my behaviour in order to maintain a non-confrontational environment, almost always at cost of my well-being, and due to such foresight and anticipation, other people are generally unaware of any changes occurring.

    In a way, I have allowed a sustained continual improvement for others and the various workplaces I have been involved in, for the sake of hiding both personal depression and social anxiety.

    The hard part is adapting this process for my own development. There are mental barriers, built out of routine; wherein even starting something positive for my well-being is riddled with feelings of guilt, embarrassment and shame.

    I thought I would share this story as I am sure there are many others who have gone through and are going through the same learned negative habits.

  • http://www.kaizenways.com Jeffrey Friend

    Wow Chris, seriously, thank you for your comment. I have a couple of questions for you:

    1) You already know that in order to be truly happy in YOUR life (because that’s what truly matters), you’re going to have to start allowing yourself the opportunity to help yourself in the same way that you’ve been helping others. The question is: are you ready to be you? If so, truly making that decision is all you need at first and the rest will follow.

    2) Do you know where that guilt, embarrassment and shame stem from? This is a serious question: do you love yourself? This personally took me A LONG time to do. I’m just like you, my entire life was focused on what I could do for others, and it left me in a place of emptiness. What I realized is that I can’t truly give to others until I give to myself first. I can’t TRULY love another until I love myself first. I can’t TRULY give my energy to people unless I make sure I give energy to myself first. This is the place to start Chris. If you truly want to give to others, you have to realize that unless you provide that to yourself first, you’re really not giving them what they need.

  • IN


    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      Thank you!

  • Gustavo Briseno

    Awesome post!

  • Amanda

    I love the way that happiness is described in your post. In the beginning the quote by Ghandi is excellent and you explained it thoroughly. I’m naturally an optimistic and happy person but have never applied this type of thinking to my daily life. I plan to take this challenge to actually get a better insight to myself and the world around me.

    And on a side note, this is a wonderful blog. Kudos and keep up the good work :)

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      It’s always good to gain more perspective isn’t it? I love it. Thank you for the compliment :-)

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