Hang on after others have let go

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” -William Feather

This is never more apparent than right now in this economy. Some say this is the worst depression that businesses in America have ever seen. We’ve all witnessed buildings in our towns closing down and boarding up their doors, even the ones that have been there since we were children. Those companies, though, that have been able to hang on are the ones that will have the advantage over the next five to ten years, they will be the ones that will blossom.

The medium to large companies have cut the fat (downsized), trimmed the fat (minimized bills/overhead), and bruised the fat (forced their employees to take on the jobs of 2 or 3 others without paying them more). They’ve done what they’ve deemed necessary to survive, and they have survived. Sure, they will lose great employees who they overworked and mistreated, but I’m sure they included those losses in their calculations.

How about all of the starups that have come and gone over the past 3 years. Banks tightened up their lending and it became more and more difficult to obtain small business loans, let alone find investors to buy into them. There are, however, quite a few of them that have been able to hang on through this tumultuous time.

What about all of those people who were laid off a few years ago and became “consultants”? They difinitely haven’t had it easy, by any means. But if they’re still here, they’ve had some form of success. They surely experienced the same struggles as everyone else, yet they persevered and were able to hang on.

At times, success is merely surviving, or hanging on. If you were one of the survivors, pay it forward by teaching others what you learned (trust me, you will benefit from it more than they will). If you didn’t survive, seek out guidance from people and businesses that did. The differences are probably small yet mighty, and next time you’ll be amonst the ones who were able to hang on.

I would love if you shared your story of survival or “failure” with us in the comments section below (even anonymously). We can all learn, no matter what the outcome was.

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