29 Habits That Will Dramatically Age Your Skin, Body and Mind


“We become what we repeatedly do.” –Sean Covey

As I’m sitting here eating Keebler Grasshopper cookies (awesome btw) and drinking a Coke (what? I allow myself one cheat day per week okay!), I started thinking about my age because my 34th birthday is coming up.

I’m at an age where I’m really focusing on my health and wellness (obviously not good timing with those cookies) and so I decided to look up ways that people age quickly. With all of the information on the web, I was sure I would see some good stuff that I would have never thought of, and I did! I want to share these with you. Some of these overlap a bit, but each article has differences that are worth looking into.

(Click on the titles to read the full articles with examples)

9 ‘Harmless’ Habits That Age You

(by msnbc.com)

1) You keep your college bedtime (you need your beauty rest)

2) You have a soft spot for sweets (sugar can make your skin dull and wrinkled)

3) You’re stressed more than not (stress increases blood pressure and decreases immunity)

4) You only exercise when trying to lose weight (regular exercise is one of the best ways to stay young)

5) You blast your iPod (music at high volumes adds to loss of hearing)

6) You never see your friends (time with friends prevents obesity, depression, and heart disease)

7) You eat fruits and veggies – but not every day (antioxidants remain active for only a few hours; you need to replenish)

8) You’ve shunned all fat from your diet (some fat is actually good for you)

9) You can’t remember the last time you had sex (apparently an active sex life can make you look up to 12 years younger! Yes please!)

8 Diet and Exercise Mistakes That Age You

(by prevention.com)

1) You overdo dessert (too much sugar causes wrinkles)

2) You spin away stress (less bike/treadmill, more yoga)

3) You always choose coffee (try green or black tea instead)

4) You never lift (building or toning muscles firms sagging skin)

5) Your meat isn’t organic (less hormones)

6) You don’t take a break (your body needs time to rest)

7) You drastically cut fat (too little fat can cause dry skin, hair loss, and brittle nails)

8) You’re missing alkaline (eat more parsley, almonds, kale, pears, lemons, and apples)

Aging Skin: 7 Habits That Make Skin Age Faster

(by about.com)

1) Cigarette smoke (increases dryness and wrinkles)

2) Sun exposure (creates sun spots, dry/leathery skin, and creates sagging and wrinkles)

3) Lack of exercise (regular exercise tones the skin, and decreases the risk of dementia)

4) Exposure to cold weather (dries out skin)

5) Alcohol use (damages blood vessels near the skin’s surface)

6) Stress (increases frown lines)

7) Lack of sleep (causes sagging skin, memory loss and depression)

5 Food Habits That Age You

(by Care2.com)

(Side note: If you want to nerd out, read this one, it’s intense and extremely detailed)

1) A weakness for fast food (trans fats cause inflammation and all sorts of problems)

2) Giving in to a serious sweet tooth (sugar slows down the body’s natural repair mechanism)

3) Carbo-loading – even when you’re not training (refined carbs are sugars in disguise)

4) Waiting until you’re really hungry before eating (waiting leads to hunger pains, which leads to overeating, which leads to obesity)

5) Eating at your desk – or in the car, or while stressed in any way (stress prevents digestion and food ferments)


After reading through all of this information, I know that I will be changing some habits. I have a serious sweet tooth (if that wasn’t obvious already), but I also tend to stress out pretty often. What about you? Which habits do you want to change?



  • IN

    excellent tips!!! love it!! :)

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      I know right? I learned a ton from these articles.

  • Patty G

    Very interesting! The one that caught my eye was #9 – You can’t remember the last time you had sex (apparently an active sex life can make you look up to 12 years younger! Yes please!) Seriously?? What would it take to look 15 years younger…I can trick my brain to think is having active sex…haa,haa!!! All the best….PG

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      You just may be on to the next scientific breakthrough! Lol

  • http://www.mazzastick.com/ Justin

    Lots of good stuff here Jeffrey. Gave up a lot of bad habits during my personal development journey. Recently went vegetarian and now I am getting a lot more rest and sleep than I used to.

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      Oh yeah? That’s cool! What ultimately caused you to make the decision to go vegetarian?

  • Anthony Reyes

    Just wanted to show some love Jerffery. As always, your post never fall less than extrodinary!

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      Awesome, thank you Anthony!

  • Michelle Gonzalez

    This blog is so interesting! Some of the things on here I never knew about, especially how an active sex life cam make you 12 years younger! That’s a lot! Good, informative, information.

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      Thank you Michelle :-)

  • Gustavo Briseno

    Very interesting blog!! These things are so easy to follow and clearly they will have a positive impact on our lives. Thanks for the great advice!

  • http://twitter.com/sashimine50 Scott Ashimine

    Very interesting blog!!! Never knew that all that stuff could effect your skin and mind like that!

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