An Easy Way to Help End Sex Trafficking Today


My friend, Ashley Ambirge – subscribe to her blog b/c she’s awesome and hilarious, reminded me that today is End Sex Trafficking Day. Ashley and I have been friends for a while, and we actually met up in Costa Rica a while back while she was in town. The place we met at is smack in the middle of Quepos, which is riddled with prostitution. Unfortunately, prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, so it’s not uncommon to see it everywhere.

When my brother was in Costa Rica to visit me we also went to Quepos because they were having a big celebration. We were sitting in a bar talking with some friends when all of a sudden two girls came flying through the front door fighting (straight out of a western). It was quickly broken up and the girls were separated. When I looked a little closer I saw that these girls were about 14 years old and figured that they were fighting over a guy. After they left my brother and I were talking back and forth about how crazy that was and wondering what would make them fight so viciously. My friend, a local to Quepos, said that they were fighting over territory…they were prostitutes! 14 years old. I couldn’t believe it.

As Ashley says in her post about End Sex Trafficking Day, it’s one thing to hear about it, but another to experience the sadness of it.

Ashley, along with other Rockstars including Seth Godin, Danielle La Porte and Jonathan Fields have compiled a book of 60 essays on love, knowledge and freedom. Buy the book for only $20 to help with this cause. All proceeds go to the Not For Sale Campaign, a movement to re-abolish slavery. 

Click here to buy the book for only $20

  • Michelle Gonzalez

    This is one of the subjects that I really think is important, yet overlooked in most cases. Props on posting this on your blog for the world to read. More people need to be educated about this subject!

    • JeffreyFriend |

      Thank you Michelle. It’s truly sad to see, and unfortunately I see it so often here in Costa Rica :-(

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