Cover Letters: 27 Tips and 50+ Samples To Help Build Your Rockstar Cover Letter

You might want to get a cover letter put together whether or not you’re actively searching for a job.’s tagline says it all: “Because every job is temporary”. You never know what might happen next, and it’s best to be prepared, rather than trying to scrape a halfway decent cover letter together last minute.

Are cover letters even necessary?

Back when I was a recruiter and headhunted sales people, I never looked at cover letters, nor did I require any of my candidates to send me one or send my client one. They just weren’t necessary. However, this was 5 years ago and things were different back then. In today’s market, companies (people in the companies rather) want to hire people who want to work for them specifically. The right fit is far more important these days, on both sides of the hiring table.

You should tailor each cover letter to the specific company you are applying to, but each one can have the same general body (your experience). What you will want to do, though, is just tweak it a little bit depending on the job description you’re applying to so that they can see how your experience relates to their current needs.

Here are some resources that could really help when trying to figure out how to structure your cover letter and what to say (and not say). Each person has their own writing style and techniques, so choose what best vibes with your style.

Careerealism is one of the largest career advice sites, so we’ll start with their article, 7 Examples Of Fresh New Ways To Start Your Cover Letter


The Daily Muse is an awesome Career Advice blog. Here’s their article on 5 Secrets To Making Your Cover Letter Stand Out took a different, yet equally important, perspective in their article, 5 Ways Your Cover Letter Lost You The Job has a similar article regarding what not to do on a cover letter: 10 Cover Letter Don’ts 

Alison Doyle is a rockstar in the employment advice field. She writes about career advice at, and all of her information is really helpful. Here’s her article: Cover Letter Samples

Susan Ireland (Resume Expert) gives a comprehensive list of all of the different cover letters you could possibly want to write in her article 50 Cover Letter Examples


These should set you on the right path, now you just have to do it! If you’re not looking for a job and don’t feel like writing a cover letter just yet, bookmark this page for future reference when you need it.

If you have found any additional resources, please share them in the comments below!

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