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self love poem by charlie chaplin

The Famous Guy Who Wrote This Poem On His 70th Birthday Might Surprise You

A friend of mine sent me this poem and I had to share it with you. The famous person who wrote it might surprise you. It surprised me. The poem was written on this person’s 70th birthday, and today it is being shared with you in hopes that you discover these truths much earlier in […]

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3 Perspective Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Living In Reality (The Real One)

  Taking on a different perspective isn’t about trying to convince yourself to think differently. It’s not a forced way of thinking and seeing things. It’s also not an “ideal world” way of thinking. Taking on a different perspective is a very real practice, and a very effective one when you get the hang of […]

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One-Step Method to Revitalizing Your Relationship

Say what?!? Only one step?? Well, it’s easier said than done, but nonetheless very doable with the right intention behind it. Rather than wondering where things went wrong, who did and did not do what, why they’re being the way they’re being, etc., let’s just let all of that go for the moment. As difficult […]

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Choose Positive

3 Unconventional Ways to be Positive (or Negative) Today…You Choose

It’s not always easy being positive. Some days it’s just plain easier to be negative/cynical/bleh – in fact most days it is if you’re dealing with the stresses that many people are. It’s the unfortunate truth that it’s more difficult to be positive than it is to be negative. But then again, it’s more difficult […]

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Warning: Be Thankful At Your Own Risk

  We should always give thanks, not only on Thanksgiving, right? However, today is a great reminder of how important it is to thank the people in your life who have made you…well, you. I’m sure you’ve heard that you are the product of the five people who you spend the most time with. If […]

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Obama Wins, But Barely! So Why Didn’t You Vote?!

  This isn’t a political post. I’m for Obama, but that has nothing to do with this. I know way too many people who didn’t vote, on both sides of the election. Did you vote? If not, why not? I voted on my way to the airport yesterday morning before catching a flight back to […]

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An Easy Way to Help End Sex Trafficking Today

  My friend, Ashley Ambirge – subscribe to her blog b/c she’s awesome and hilarious, reminded me that today is End Sex Trafficking Day. Ashley and I have been friends for a while, and we actually met up in Costa Rica a while back while she was in town. The place we met at is […]

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Happiness is all around you…where are you?

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” -Gandhi Can you imagine a world where everyone thought, said and then did everything? How about a world where you think, then say, then do what you thought and said? Would your life be different? Where do you think […]

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Lesson: If you make a mess, clean it up as fast as you can.

  In this post I’m personally talking about communication in a relationship, but we all know that these simple truths pertain to all avenues of life. You won’t like what I’m about to say, and you may not pay attention to it at this moment, but if you want to live a weightless life without […]

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New Year, New Lies.

“Be self-reliant and your success is assured.” -Author Unknown New Year, New Lies. No, I’m not pessimistic, nor realistic, just throwing something out there. We like to make New Year Resolutions every year so that we can try to make this year better than the last. We know that it only lasts a few weeks […]

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