Why Bamboo?

Short Version:

The Chinese Bamboo Tree seeds are cultivated for four years before the bamboo even peeks its head above ground. Then some time in the 5th year they break ground and sprout up to 90 feet within 6 weeks! During those first 4 years, the bamboo was developing its root system and preparing to hold a 90 foot tree that would withstand the elements. Do you see the metaphor for your personal growth?!

Normal Version:

With tens of thousands of advertisements coming at us every single day, and all of the work and family stresses that can happen, it’s amazing how well we do with it all. Distractions are constant, yet we will make time for ourselves (or at least it’s on the radar to do so). We have a desire to improve, a desire to grow. We study, we practice, we falter, then we get back to it. We do this because we’re expecting a payoff. A happier life, a happier family, a happier us. We have our days of happiness, but it’s not constant. It’s enough to keep us gong though, enough to make us push through the tough times.

We are bamboo cultivators. We plant the seeds and we water and care for those seeds. We do it because we know that one day we’ll sprout. We know that all of the hard work has to eventually pay off. Or at least we hope it will, right?

The truth is that we don’t know that it takes four years of cultivating our seeds, so to speak. We live in a world where we can get just about anything we want instantly. We can find any sort of information within seconds online. We can talk with our friends on the other side of the world in real time…on video.

But what about true change internally? Can we get that instantly? Yes, but it’s not easy, and it takes a lot of cultivating to be able to do it. The story about the bamboo is the perfect metaphor for personal growth. We work on ourselves every single day, and most days we don’t see significant change, or any change at all. We have to continue to build our root system. We have to keep at it and know that it will happen. Some of you have experienced this growth. Perhaps it was with your career, or maybe your love life, or in sports or a hobby. You know that the hard work pays off, and it feels so good when you hit that stride, right?! You can help others here with their bamboo, while you plant new seeds and cultivate your own.

We’re all bamboo seeds, baby bamboo and full grown trees at the same time in one way or another. Some of us have sprouted already, and have planted more seeds and started to cultivate again. We’re all in this together, here to help each other stay on track, and to help each other cultivate. I’m happy you’re here with me, and I hope that you’ll share with me and everyone else.

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