I Appreciate You

Today’s #Reverb10 question comes from Victoria Klein: “What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?”

For me, it’s people. More specifically, it’s relationships with people. Even more specifically, it’s connections and moments with people. I have really come to appreciate those moments where I really connect with someone. It usually comes in the form of a deep conversation about life, dreams, goals, etc. It’s when people really open up to me that I get the most excited. They are trusting me with their secrets, their aspirations, and sometimes their hearts. Some of these people were strangers when we first had a conversation. That’s a huge compliment to me, and I really appreciate it.

Connect with Someone

It’s very easy to go through our days without really connecting to people. Even if we’re married or have someone who we see every day, we don’t always connect with them every day. Sometimes we just don’t have the energy that it takes to focus on a conversation like that, which is sad because it’s usually work that consumes all of our energy. I want to encourage you to transition some of that energy away from work and toward connecting with people. I think you’ll find that you actually have MORE energy because of these moments of connection.

I have taken on the goal of positively influencing at least one person’s life every single day, and that goal came about because of these people who allowed me to connect with them. From them opening up, it has inspired me to create that goal. That’s how powerful connection is. You never know what kind of impact you can have on someone by just having a real conversation with them.

If you’re reading this, it might be because I sent you a message and told you that I mentioned you in this post (in spirit of course, you know I wouldn’t name you). I want you to know that I REALLY appreciate you, and I hope that our relationship continues to grow in the years to come. Not everyone allows themselves to open up the way that you do, and there’s something to be said for that. So I want to publicly acknowledge you for putting yourself out there. Thank you for who you are.

  • Patty

    Love the blog. Thank you Jeff for thinking of me. likewise, you are so generous, nice and human. Your last name suits you… 😉

    May the joy you bring to others return to you in great measure this holiday season…The best for the holiday and a productive and lucrative 2011.

    Thanks for your friedship again…I’m here for you…Hasta la vista.


    • http://www.kaizenways.com Jeff Friend

      Thank you for commenting Patty! And you are definitely one of the people I was writing this post of appreciation for. I appreciate you and our friendship, and am looking forward to more conversations with you :-)

  • Jaime

    I Appreciate you!

    • http://www.kaizenways.com Jeff Friend

      Jaime! Esta es para ti tambien! I appreciate who you are and who you want to be for the world. I look forward to our talks in the park!

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    • http://www.kaizenways.com Jeff Friend

      Yes! Please click on the “f” at the upper right (next to the “t”) – that will take you to our fanpage. Thank you!

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  • Lucifer

    Wow. No matter how I give my take its going to come across wrong so here goes anyway.

    We should touch people along the way of life but to try to give more for the sake of feeling warm and fuzzy can and will backfire.
    A smile or atta boy may be the energy your talking about but if you try to do more for less than to true loved ones and friends sure seem to be going in the wrong direction.
    We cannot cure the ails of the world. And some don’t want to be saved.
    Unless you’re God or Christ.
    To undertake such a role is impossible and only will bring a sense of failure or result in trying harder with someone that will mean nothing today or tomorrow versus giving the energy to the ones that matter. Do you give the same energy to your mother or father as you would to a stranger in a coffee shop because you feel it makes you a better person? Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes connections are made but they are the exception than the rule. Family, true friends and aquaitances deserve more energy and care than just to help your warm and fuzzy feeling like God and Christ are told of doing in the Bible.
    That of course is why I look for the souls to fill Hades. Careful where the energy is given.
    We cannot change the world only make our place a little more rewarding here on earth. Think about that one. If you are happy with yourself, family, and love ones, you will naturally through osmosis improve life around you and even strangers without trying to change the world or being something to someone that may or maynot deserve what you offer. Point, how many times have you made time for strangers or coffee patrons compared to the number of times you call, email, visit, or make contact with your family. Or is it more important for strangers to scratch your ego. Again, not trying to alter a person with concern about his fellow man but responsibility can only be pulled so many directions. Which direction should you really be putting your energy and responsibility toward? The stranger or the father you see twice a year. Maybe family is deservant of more. Just a thought.
    Back to collecting evil souls!!

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    • http://www.kaizenways.com Jeff Friend

      Wow, thank you for bookmarking this site Naida!

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    • http://www.kaizenways.com Jeff Friend

      Thank you so much! How did you stumble upon my blog, do you remember? I’m always curious how people find it

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