A simple 3 step process to inspire an Aha! moment…every day

There are those few times throughout one’s life that they experience an enormous Aha! moment. You know, those moments that cause someone to completely change the course of their life. This article isn’t talking about having one of those every day, but rather a (seemingly) mini version of one of those.

I’ve been practicing with these daily Aha! moments, testing them out and figuring out why I have them and why I don’t. It seems as if there’s a simple process for creating them, but the challenge is recognizing them. They’re not so easy to see sometimes. Like anything else in life, it’s a process that will take some time to build up, and if you start today you’ll be that much closer to making it happen.

Here’s the simple process of how to have an Aha! moment every day:

1) Ask Questions

Ask A LOT of questions. Ask these questions to other people, ask them to yourself and ask them to your higher power if you believe in that. Ask about EVERYTHING. Ask spiritual questions (“what’s my purpose?”), ask relationship questions (“why do I get upset when (s)he does that?”), ask personal questions (“why do I react that way and get defensive?”), ask questions about your job (“how can I land this contract I’ve been working on, what’s it going to take?”) and whatever else you want to ask.

2) Pay Attention

Step two was going to be labeled “Listen for Answers” but it goes far beyond that. Yes, listen for the answers. They may come instantly, or they may come in a week. They may come from the person you ask, or they may come from a conversation you overhear at the table next to you at a coffee shop (this happens to me all the time). Pay attention to everything around you. I’m not saying that you should eaves drop on everyones conversations, so don’t go out and do that! Lol. I’m saying that it will happen naturally and that you just need to stay aware of your surroundings. It will happen more often the more you practice. Trust me.

3) Look for the Answers

The answers are the Aha! moments. When you have a big Aha! moment, it’s usually from something that you’ve been asking for a long time.


Aha! moment: “oh, THAT is what I should do as a career!”

Question: “I’m not happy with my career, I’m not motivated, what should I do? Please give me a sign!”

When you consciously place your energy on looking for the answers, they will come to you faster. Call it a natural law, or whatever you want, but it works. Once you purposefully ask those questions with the idea in mind that you actually want the answer to come, it will find you faster and faster the more often you practice. I say “actually” because a lot of times people ask questions like, “why is he doing this to me?” or “why does my boss make me stay late?” as more of a victim-role type of thing, rather than actually wanting an answer.

Ask questions, pay attention and look for the answers. Ask questions, pay attention and look for the answers. Ask questions, pay attention and look for the answers. Have that be your mantra for the week (no less than a week), and see what happens. Take notes because it will help with you being more conscious throughout the day. Write down the Aha! moments that you have every day. Look for them deeply. They may seem microscopic at first, but when you realize the power that they have, you will understand.

Bookmark this page and come back to it in a week. Tell me what happened. If you didn’t have any Aha! moments, tell me. If you did, tell me what made the difference for you.


Oprah has a cool page that shows the Aha! moments that a lot of celebrities had at a point in their lives. Celebrities such as musical artist Will.i.am, and actors Rashida Jones, Jada Pinkett Smith, Isabella Rossellini, Glen Close and Greg Kinnear (you can click their names to see their stories). Enjoy :-)


  • IN

    nice one!

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      Thank you :-)

  • Megan c

    Great post :)

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      Thank you!

  • Gustavo Briseno

    This is definitely useful for college students like myself. Following these steps will lead to more “Aha!” moments in my organic chemistry class! haha

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      haha good luck with that!

  • Monique

    Great advice! As a college student, I know most students tend to other think a lot of things so following these simple steps to get to an aha moment is very helpful. Thanks so much!

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      You’re welcome Monique, good luck :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendra.steenhoek Kendra Kahoku Steenhoek

    I’m clearly looking for some A-HA moments right now. Thank you for this my friend :)

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      You’re welcome, and you can easily do this. Remember to keep asking questions and looking for the answers throughout your day. It’s amazing how this works…

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