5 simple ways to become less forgetful

Let me start off by saying that I’m known as the one in my family who is always late, and the one who everyone has to wait for before we can all leave the house to go somewhere. Either you know someone like that (in which case you should send this to them), or you ARE that person! I don’t know why, but I would always forget something before leaving (keys, wallet, jacket, etc.), or I would always think that I had WAY more time to get somewhere than I actually did.

I’ve been practicing this new method of remembering everything for about 2 years now. By no means do I have it down to a science, but it has improved my life a ton so far. The steps are simple in essence, but take a lot of awareness and intention.

Here are the 5 simple ways to become less forgetful:

1) Look at tomorrow’s schedule tonight

There are people out there who like to look at the entire week ahead of them on Sunday night, and that’s perfectly fine. My schedule, however, changes so frequently due to events popping up, sudden high priority items at work, and being completely over-committed in general that my schedule will look far different on Wednesday than it did on Monday. Therefore, it’s more accurate for me to review my following day’s schedule the night before.

*Side Note: Be sure to prioritize your tasks so that you do the things that NEED to get done first.

2) Look at tomorrow’s schedule again tomorrow morning

No, my schedule didn’t suddenly change while I was sleeping…it’s just good to review what the day will look like again in the morning so that you can envision it, and possibly even re-prioritize it if need be. I’ve found that by reviewing what needs to be done for that day in the morning, it all seems to get done much faster than I thought it would.

3) Don’t say “I’ll remember to do that later” without writing it down somewhere

Has this sort of thing ever happened to you? You’re driving home after work and have an initial thought, such as “oh yeah, I need to bring that movie back to Blockbuster by tomorrow morning so I don’t get charged.” Then you get a phone call or get sidetracked somehow, and ten minutes later think “What was it that I was supposed to do? I remember it was important, and something about tomorrow morning…shoot I forgot!”

By simply writing the note down on paper, or inputting it in your phone schedule, you’ll not only be securing documentation of it, but your subconscious mind will also engrain it into your memory as something that’s important to remember. When tomorrow morning comes, you’ll most likely remember to bring the video back before your scheduled alarm even tells you to do so.

4) Schedule EVERYTHING

The amount of items you schedule is completely up to you. But if you’re like me and have a difficult time remembering more than a few things at once, I would suggest to put EVERYTHING into your schedule. This includes things like “go to the grocery store after work”, and “deposit check at thebank after the store”, and “read blog post that I emailed to myself about remembering things”. The more often you schedule everything, the more your subconscious mind will start to remember them all for you. You’ll start to find that you’re naturally accomplishing the tasks throughout the day just minutes before your schedule goes off and tells you to do them.

5) Mind map your tasks

Mind mapping is basically closing your eyes and envisioning yourself doing something. It can go a little deeper into envisioning the time that you’re going to do it, the environment that you’ll be in at the time, and the feelings that you’ll have while you’re doing it. To start, just choose one thing per day to mind map.

Take a moment when you’re reviewing your schedule in the morning to try this mind mapping technique. As an example, envision yourself at the checkout stand at the store and suddenly remembering that you need to go to the bank. Just picture yourself there in line and having that sudden thought that you need to go to the bank. Then when you actually go to the store after work that day, you’ll most likely have that thought that you need to go to the bank. It’s amazing how this works. Once you envision this in the morning, you’ll find that it actually happens that same way in real life…even though you don’t actually physically get to the store until 10 hours after the mind mapping exercise. Don’t rely on this to work until you get really good at it. Be sure to put it in your phone schedule too.

Its amazing how many times I’ll do a task just 5 minutes before my schedule alarm tells me to do it. The subconscious mind always remembers, you just have to train it to remember by doing these 5 simple steps every single day.

What did you think about this post? Was it helpful? What are some other methods you use to remember things? Please share with us in the comments 😉


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  • http://somethingbeatific.blogspot.com katia

    Yes that is useful.
    its funny to read this as i am the person who is always organised!

    • http://www.kaizenways.com Jeff Friend

      There’s always room to learn more :-) Thank you for commenting!

  • Frank Brazier

    Thanks for writing all this out so that us less organised sorts can do something quite easy to make life smoother!
    Great method.

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