2010 in Under 5 Minutes…GO!

Today’s Reverb10 blog post topic comes from Patti Digh: “Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.”

Patti Digh

A quick side note on Patti: She has a blog called “37 Days – what would you be doing today if you only had 37 days to live?” and I highly recommend that you check it out. It is so random (and not random, of course) that I came across her blog today, because just last night I was talking to a friend about this exact topic – what would you do if you knew you only had a short amount of time to live? Really, what would you do?! Patti has made a commitment to ask herself this question every morning: ‘what would I be doing today if I only had 37 days to live?’ – I think my life would be more fulfilling if I were to do the same.

Okay, back to the 5 minutes. I set my alarm, wrote like hell, and here’s what I’d like to remember:

1. Came up with the idea, built, and launched www.SocialGoodToday.com in under three weeks. I don’t remember the last time I was so passionate about something.

2. Met Karen Tse, founder of International Bridges to Justice and Gianni Rostti, founder of Freedom Children by eavesdropping on their conversation in a little café in Sacramento, and drumming up the courage to introduce myself. They will be featured on the above site soon. It’s absolutely amazing what life brings when you set something in motion.

3. Met up with Sukhraj Beasla at a coffee shop to talk about coffee. We started talking about business, something sparked, and we started two businesses (Social Sippers and Socialis Marketing)

4. Thanksgiving with my family and friends was priceless. And so were my mom’s snowball cookies :-)

5. Trip to San Francisco to hang out with my youngest brother. It was a short trip, but it was great.

6. Freedom

7. Fantasy Football (3 leagues with family and friends) – one of my favorites times of the year.

8. Reiki session – altered my path, and part of the reason www.SocialGoodToday.com came about.

9. The Art of Power (not an affiliate link) by Thich Nhat Hanh – I’m recommending it to EVERYONE! Another reason for the above site, taking action, and continuously moving forward.

10. My birthday: dinner with two of my brothers and three of my friends. Was home by 10pm. Had some wine, did some reading and did some reflecting. It was perfect.

11. Got my own place for the first time in my life (I’ve always lived with one of my brothers). I love it.

I want to encourage you to do the same. 5 minutes – write down everything you want to remember…GO! Oh, and feel free to list some of them in the comments section below!

  • http://www.sukhrajbeasla.com Sukhraj Beasla

    That’s awesome Jeff. Looks it’s been a year of growth and reflection. I’m excited for 2011 and looking forward to reflecting after a year and seeing where we’ll be with Social Sippers & Socialis Marketing. Here’s a virtual toast to our success. :)

    • http://www.kaizenways.com Jeff Friend

      So many possibilities! Salud!

  • Sandra Rivas

    Its amazing how some of the things you wrote were derived from an unplanned event. :) I tried this and it was tough…lots of reflection during the 5 minute session, so here it goes:

    1. Loving relationship turned into a betrayal one, but it led me to begin my search to find myself.
    2. Made 3 Long-Lasting Friendships.
    3. East Coast Trip (Boston, NJ, NY) with Best Friend.
    4. Quality TIme with my father visiting Toronto and Niagra Falls.
    5. Reconnected with former wonderful friends.
    6. Volunteered with the Fulfillment Fund. (A wonderful non-profit that helped me out when I was young.)
    7. Refocused at work.
    8. Continuous improvement plan for public speaking – reconnected with Toastmasters International.
    9. Helped feed the homeless for Thanksgiving.
    10. Decided to act on bringing my family closer for the holidays!!

    Its so easy to forget the good times and remember only the challenging ones. This was a neat experience. Thanks!

    • http://www.kaizenways.com Jeff Friend

      Thank you for taking the time to do that! And be sure to thank yourself too 😉
      Those are some great memories! Very well-balanced too. It seems like you had some positive times and some negative times, but all in all you took a lot from it. Now, what will you want to write this time next year? Be sure you do those things!

  • Lucifer

    The sage shall speak of things gone by as “Nothing”.
    Events, episodes or challenges not addressed in the past year shouldn’t bog me down now. I should be planning for the next year. The past can’t be changed but can be learned from and sometimes not to be repeated. My time should be the improvement of my space and time on earth. If I spend the necessary energy to Plan, Do, Study , and Act will find myself and others generally improved or I will find a plan that does exactly what “my” interal talk wants out of life. Kinda like a magnet. It will attract certain elements but not others. So do you worry about the elements not affected or more with the factions that are affected. Of course, thats an easy call: Your internal talk will manage that scenario for you. Take another face to face talk in a mirror and see if you act out your internal talk(IT) or just act.
    Sometimes we over think. Simple and easy makes more sense generally without taking in exception to the rule which we seem to get caught up on these days. I know,I’ll only go after the evil souls and not bother with the good. But wait, how could I possibly win if I only take down the evil. Thats why it will never happen. We can’t have righteous without evil. Do away with both and then the robots will do our job. For only in the digital world does both good and evil not exist. Just predetermined set of instructions. Simple and easy. Now what about your soul!!


  • http://pam-flanders.eyelidsflorida.com Yvonne Strzechowski

    found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

    • http://www.kaizenways.com Jeff Friend

      Thank you Yvonne!

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