10 Ways to Stun Your Significant Other Today, and Why You Should

It’s so easy to get caught up in the routine of things, isn’t it? We get used to people. We get used to who they are, what they do every day, what their habits are and how we respond to them. It’s great practice to shake that up a bit from time to time, keep it fresh you know? Who knows, maybe you’ll get some extra lovin’ out of it!

The key here is to do it without expecting anything in return. Just pure giving for the sake of giving.

1) Get up early and make breakfast

If you already do this, go above and beyond what you normally do. Really make them feel special. *Extra points for breakfast in bed. If you don’t live together, take breakfast to wherever they are (if possible). The gesture will shock their system and gratitude will follow.

2) While you’re cooking in the kitchen already, make them a lunch that they can take with them…and put a love note inside

C’mon, when is the last time you got a love note? They’re awesome! And they’re a really small touch that say a really big thing – you’re special to me.

3) Send flirty texts throughout the day

If you don’t do this already, give it a go and have fun with it. No need to be too graphic, but a little flirting is always fun. If you already do it, step it up a notch and get creative with it.

4) Play a practical joke

Okay, now don’t get too crazy with this one. I’m talking about a fun and friendly “April Fools” type of joke, not a “Your dad’s in the hospital from a heart attack” type of joke. Laughing has a way of bringing people closer together. You can always appreciate a good joke, right?

5) Wear something that they think you look great in

There are a lot of times that our significant others have a different taste in style than we do, right? We might like a brighter look or a more discrete look, a funky style or conservative style, or anything in between. But our significant other would like us to branch out a bit into a fashion space that we’re not necessarily comfortable with. Why not take one day and surprise them by wearing something they bought you, or something they think you’d look great in. Who knows, maybe you’ll expand your wardrobe a bit in the process.

6) Buy them a little gift, and make it a game to find it

My mom used to always make finding our birthday presents a game. She would start off with one clue that led to another clue around the house and so on until we finally figured out the riddle to the hiding place of the gift. It’s fun and exciting! Try it. (Disclaimer: only do 3 or 4 clues so that it doesn’t get to be too much work! Lol)

7) Give them a book of personalized gift certificates

You’ve probably seen these or heard of them before. You basically print out (or just write out) fake gift certificates that they can use at their leisure. These gift certificates are made up of things like “One hour massage”, “I make dinner for a week”, “I do all of the chores for a week”,  “Movie date night”, etc. They can whip out the gift certificate at any time to redeem it from you. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, and keeps the relationship fun.

8) Candlelight dinner

Sure, dinners in restaurants can be romantic, but candlelight dinners at the house where you do all of the cooking and preparation can be even more romantic – especially when it’s a surprise. Send them to the grocery store after work in order to give yourself more time to prepare. They’ll be tired from work and running errands, and then they’ll walk into a beautiful and peaceful ambiance, with dinner already made, giving them the ability to just relax and enjoy. If you have kids…it might be a good idea to send them to grandmas for the evening 😉

9) Give them a backrub while they watch their favorite show(s)

We all have different tastes in shows. There are most likely shows that you both like, or at least compromise on watching, but let them watch the show(s) that they really like while giving them a backrub. If you don’t watch TV, play their favorite music instead. What a way to end the day, don’t you think?

10) Spice it up in the bedroom

I’m not going to go into detail here, you know what I mean. Switching up our behavior in any setting is a great way to make things new, and the bedroom should get the same type of newness.

Choose one or two for today, or do each one of these throughout the next 10 days. Stunning your significant other will bring some newness to the relationship. Let them know that you care about them through different avenues than you normally do.

Do you have any other suggestions for other people reading this? What have you done in the past that really worked well? Tell us in the comments below.



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  • IN

    love it!! xo 😉

  • Megan c

    Great points :) passing this along to my spouse!

    • http://kaizenways.com/ JeffreyFriend | KaizenWays.com

      That’s awesome Megan! I hope you both have fun doing those things!

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